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46th Anniversary Smoke-In Monday July 4th, 2016 Washington DC

Smoke-In Alumni Call To Action


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45th Annual Smoke In Poster

46th Anniversary Smoke-In

Monday July 4th, 2016

Washington DC

Smoke-In Alumni Call To Action


“This demonstration, held on the day that commemorates 47 consecutive years of Smoke-In history in Washington DC, is the opportune moment to acknowledge an era of change created by Marijuana Activists across these United States of America.”


Smoke-In Alumni Call To Action

Are You Smoke-In Alumni?

What year did you attend your first Smoke-In?

You’ll never forget your first Smoke-In!


We are asking all Smoke-In Alumni to return to to Washington DC on Monday July 4th, 2016 for the 46th Anniversary Smoke-In. Join our demonstration, group photo and on the “March For Hemp” in the contingent of the year you attended your first Smoke-In. This may be the last time to let your voice be heard in front of the White House during this current presidential administration.


So pack your bags now! It’s our day to acknowledge all the Veteran Marijuana Activists and POW’s of THC! The people who gave of their positive energy and sacrifice to bring about a peaceful change in our communities over time.


Established in 1970 and during it’s 47 year history the Washington, DC Smoke-In has now literally touched millions of peoples lives. Created by the Hippies of Woodstock and Dana Beal and the Yippies! This demonstration was born out of our nation’s right to free speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of the press and freedom of expression. This annual demonstration truly embodies a magic born of our freedoms and we often hear the same story from different people:

“ I came to Washington DC for the Smoke-In and it changed my life.”


If you have never been to the Smoke-In, We want people to see and feel what it is to embrace our culture and heritage. We want the young people to feel our energy and know where it is we are coming from.


Please support the Fourth Of July Hemp Coalition this demonstration, and visit some of our sub pages on logistics, travel, regulations and activities for the buildup of this great day.


See Ya’ on the fourth of July!

John Pylka

Event Coordinator 46th Anniversary Smoke-In

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